BHD Commercial Investment LP owns, manages and develops one of Canada’s strongest property portfolios.

BHD is a Canadian-based real estate investment trust. We own a portfolio of well-maintained and managed properties, including office buildings, retail stores and industrial spaces in Edmonton and Calgary.

We’re BHD — it’s great to meet you.

BHD Companies was founded in 1990 with a strong focus on industrial sales and marketing, as well as, industrial real estate. BHD has always been a successful and privately managed organization and in 2013, launched BHD Commercial Investments LP, as a separate enterprise. Our new venture provided those investors with a similar long-term outlook, an opportunity to participate in a higher-return and lower-risk proposition, something no other fund could match.

By involving outside investors, we are able to invest on a much larger scale and magnify our returns, creating an enticing value proposition to everyone involved.

Acquisition criteria

Each potential property undergoes a rigorous analysis made up of a series of quantitative and qualitative measures. These include but are not limited to: minimum capitalization rates, effective age, weighted average lease expiration, location and macroeconomic trends. Please contact us directly to find out more about our decision-making process.

Our mandate

We are an opportunistic investment and long-term asset management company that acquires mispriced and underutilized investments. We diversify risk geographically, financially, and by sector, as well as add value through proper management of properties and tenants.

Our team

BHD Commercial Investments has a management team with 60 years of combined real estate experience. That history includes the management of over 60 condominiums, and licensed real estate agent experience . We’ve invested into every type of basic commercial real estate imaginable — raw land, offices, industrial and retail spaces — over the last 25 years and have surpassed the industry average yield on every single investment.

Our team is committed to the proper, long-term management of the properties in this fund through the utilization of proper microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis techniques, which have led us to outperform all industry indexes successfully for more than two decades.